Release of Child From Preschool Policy

January 2022

Please Note: under any Mask wearing Public Health Order, a parent or authorized person, shall temporarily remove their mask for the purpose of identification, to aid the Supervisor in verifying the release of the child.

Children will be released only to the following persons:

  • The parent of the child or
  • Any person authorized by the parent (This person must be included on the list of person authorized to pick up the child) and the person must be able to care for the child)

A child will NOT be released from the preschool when:
• A person or persons have not been authorized by the parent(s). This includes older siblings.

For someone not on the authorization list, be picking up the child, verbal authorization, email, text message or a phone call can be given to staff. In this case, identification will be required unless the person is known to the staff.

In the event that an unauthorized person arrives, the child will stay with the staff person while he/she tries to reach the parent(s) by telephone. Should the parent(s) be unreachable, the staff person will attempt to contact the persons listed as emergency contacts.

In the event that all attempts to reach the parent(s) and the emergency contacts fail, the child will not be released to the unauthorized person.

In situations where there is a custody agreement or related court orders are involved, the staff person will request a copy of the custody agreement or court order and will abide by these. Should the non-custodial parent (guardian) arrive to pick up the child without proper prior authorization, the staff person will refuse to release the child and request that the person leave the premises.

In the event that the person refuses to leave or becomes aggressive, the police will be called immediately. 

Children will not be released to a parent or person should they appear to be: 

  •  Impaired in any way
  • Unable to provide safe care for the child (due to illness, injury or lack of the proper child car restraint, etc.)

In situations where impairment or illness is a concern, the staff person will offer to call a family member or friend to accompany the adult and child to their home.

In situations where impairment is not a concern, the staff person will offer to keep the child at the preschool while the parent or person goes to get the proper child car restraint in order to take the child home.
In these situations, should the person refuse and drive away with the child, the staff person will notify police.

If no one arrives to pick up the child
Staff will try every contact number provided by the parent on the registration form. Should the parent(s) be unreachable the staff will attempt to contact persons listed as emergency contacts. In the event that all attempts to reach the parent(s) or emergency contacts fail, the child will remain with the staff person for the period of one hour, at which time if there is still no contact made with the above mentioned persons, the staff will contact the Ministry of Children and Families.