Parent Role

We are a Parent Involved Preschool/Parent Participation(PIP/PPP) Preschool, where parents are involved in the school in some way. At our school, a parent from each family is required to hold a job on the School Job list or be on the Executive to fulfill the roles of our Non-Profit Society element.

Jobs on the job list vary from, recycling, laundry, weeding, compost removal etc or being on our Board of Executives.

As a Non-Profit, families are members. A Parent is required to attend the Annual General Meeting to also fulfill the Non-Profit requirements of voting in Executives. Our Annual General Meeting is combined with our Year End Get-together in June.

Parent Education opportunities are provided thru conversations with our teachers or thru our Monthly Newsletter.

As of 2020, Parents are not required to participate in the historic “Duty Days” as we have the certified staff to comply with child:adult ratio for Licensing.

How is it decided what my job will be?

Registration forms ask what your job preferences are. We try our best to assign you a job you request or one that appeals to your request.

How much fundraising is required?

Our preschool is a non-profit organization. Fundraising each year, to help enhance our programming by updating our equipment and education materials. Parents can participate in a variety of fundraising activities throughout the year to support these initiatives, but is not required. Invite and tell your family, friends and neighbours, about our fundraising efforts. Every little bit counts and benefits our children and familes.

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