Parent Role

The below describes the Current 2020/2021 School Year Parent Role.

This page will be updated after July 1st, 2021, to reflect the revised Parent Roles for the 2021/22 School Year.

2020/21 Parent Role

What is the PPP Parent Education Program?

PPP’s are licensed to operate on the condition that duty parents participate in 1.5 hours of parent education each month of the school year. As part of our monthly general meetings, expert speakers present topics relevant to parenting preschoolers.

Is a PPP something working parents can do?

Yes, as of September 2019 we are offering a Partial Parent Participation alternative – Duty days will not be required, but adult only Orientation and General Meeting attendance are required. For Full Parent Participation, 1-2 duty days, attending general meetings and orientation is required. Caregivers can perform duty days, but to be eligible they must attend the fall orientation and the parent education portion of each general meeting. A parent is required to attend the business portion of the general meetings, as a family is member of our non-profit designation, where we adhere to the society act.

What do I do on a duty day?

Duty parents are to arrive 5 minutes prior to the start of class. The teachers direct all the children’s activities and advise duty parents as to how they can help. This year 2020, the Duty parent role is to help with the daily cleaning, whilst maintaining Social Distancing.

Is there flexibility in the duty day schedule?

Yes. Parents will be asked for their preferred duty days before schedules are developed. Schedules are posted at the beginning of each term. Parents can exchange duty days – just remember to notify your Class Rep and update the schedule.

How is it decided what my job will be?

Registration forms ask what your talents, interests and job preferences are. We try our best to assign you a job you request or one that appeals to your talents and interests. At one of the first general meetings, the job list will be reviewed and volunteers recruited. When you assume a job, you will receive a job description to help you perform your job.

Benefits of Duty Days

The Duty Day gives you the parent, an opportunity to see how your child is developing for his/her age, in areas of Social Development, Language, Movement and Cognitive. When you participate in a Duty Day, you witness your child learning and achieving these skills and milestones. All activities in the designated class are geared towards your child achieving growth milestones. Not all children develop at the same rate, in general, there are skills a 3, 4, and 5 year old, should achieve, and we work on those in each class. Our Head Teacher Jenna, assesses each child, as the child engages in the daily activities to gauge the development of your child. If you have any questions or concerns, Duty Days are the perfect way Jenna and you the parent, can talk about your Childs development, and goals for achieving these developmental milestones.

How much fundraising is required?

Our preschool is a non-profit organization. All money raised goes to the operation of the program (rent, phone, teacher salary, supplies etc.). Parents participate in a variety of fundraising activities throughout the year to support the operation of the school. Invite and tell your family, friends and neighbours, about our fundraising efforts. Every little bit counts.


Our school depends on the funds raised by us, the parents to operate. Please remember that you don’t need to participate in every fundraiser, but we do need your help. Share our fundraisers with friends, family and neighbours, as they are often more than willing to participate.

We are always looking for new fundraising ideas, so don’t be shy about speaking up.

See more on our Fundraising Page

How much time is involved in participating in a PPP?

  • Carry out 1-2 duty days each month-observing your child and learning new skills.
  • Attend adult only general meetings.
  • Connecting with other parents and learning through parent education seminars.
  • Participate in one clean-up time in the Autumn prior to school opening. Assume an assigned job which you will perform throughout the year (time commitments vary).
  • Participate in fundraising activities throughout the year to help support the operation of the school.