January 2021 

Our Mask Wearing policy was created in response to the Nov.24, 2020  “Use of Face Coverings in Indoor Public Space (COVID-19) Order – M425-2020 under the Emergency Program Act. Our school is considered an Indoor Public Space as per Interpretation-Indoor public spaces Section 2 (2) (ix).

1.  On school premises, all adult members must adhere to the most recent update, of the Province of British Columbia Emergency Program Act, regarding Mask wearing.

2. To further our requirement of mask wearing, we require all adults on our premises to wear a mask at all times, until the Province declares we are no longer in a state of emergency.

3. The following exemptions at our school, which are in accordance with the Emergency Program Act are:

Persons are exempt if:

  1. They are a person who is less that 12 years of age;
  2. A person who is unable to wear a face covering because of
    1. A psychological, behavioural or health condition, or 
    2. physical, cognitive or mental impairment;
  3. The face covering is removed temporarily for the purposes of identifying the person wearing it.

Additionally, we add the below exemption to our policy:

1)  a face covering can be removed temporarily by the teacher for the purposes of identifying their self during instruction.

During early childhood development, a child needs to see an adults face to be able to visually process the information he/she is receiving.