Illness and Confirmed Case Procedure

Updated January 2022

This document outlines the procedure for managing symptoms of illness, exposure to COVID-19-Omnicron.

The guiding practices in this FAQ are informed by the BCCDC and WorkSafe BC.

The narrative on how cases of Covid-19 are reported and tracked has now changed.

As of January 7th, 2022:

1.If a student or staff member in our preschool exhibits cold or flu like symptoms, 24hr before the start of class, the child must stay home for 7-10 days until the symptoms have resolved.

2. If a student or staff member in our preschool exhibits cold or flue like symptoms in class: they will be required to go home immediately and isolate for 7-10 days.

2. If it is determined that a child was in class in the previous 48 hours, families will be informed to monitor their child for symptoms, as this is considered an exposure.

When can someone return to school if they have been required to self-isolate?

Staff and students can return to preschool after 7-10 days, when symptoms have resolved.

Can students and staff without symptoms go to preschool if someone else in their household has been diagnosed with COVID-19?

We prefer, right now, if anyone in you family is sick, please refrain from coming to school, until the risk period and all symptoms have resolved in all members.