Jack and Jill over the years has consistently offered a series of fundraising initiatives. Alumni and members of our community regularly buy from our specific fundraisers, to help support to our early learning environment to improve our facility, program materials or replace aging equipment. We are very grateful for our community support!

We fundraise with:

Year round:


– reloadable Gift Cards available at preschool

Mabel’s Labels

Fundraising Campaign Link – and look for our school on the their list – Jack and Jill Parent Participation Preschool

Yearly Fundraisers:

If you are not enrolled in our school, you can still participate in our Fundraisers. Please contact our school and we’ll add you to our community list of supporters.

October/November – The Gibsons Butcher Meat Fundraiser

November/December- Christmas Purdy’s

Febuary/March-Easter Purdy’s

April/May – The Gibson Butcher Meat Fundraiser

Other Fundraisers to be added by our Fundraising Director

Thank you!