Jack and Jill over the years has consistently offered a series of fundraising initiatives. We have regular members of our community who regularly buy from some of our specific fundraisers, to help contribute to our school. We are very grateful for our community support!

These fundraising initiatives, provide a percentage of the sales to our Preschool for pay role and other school expenses.

We fundraise with:


– leave your receipt at our Preschool Box at the Store and we receive a percentage of your receipt! So easy!


– reloadable Gift Cards available at preschool

2020/21 Fundraisers:

If you are not enrolled in our school, you can still participate in our Fundraisers. Please sign up below and you will be kept up to date with each campaign we roll out.

Fall Fundraisers

•Blue Marble Meats and Stapleton Sausage – October

• Purdy’s Chocolates – November

• Online Christmas Auction – December (Finished for 2020)

Spring Fundraisers

• Valentines Day Fundraiser- Finished for 2021

West Coast Seed fundraising drive – Feb. 15-Mar. 15, 2021

• Blue Marble Meats – mid April 2021

SIGN UP for our Yearly Fundraisers, and never miss out on an opportunity to support us!

Thank you!