A copy of this procedure is posted at both the front and back doors of the school. Familiarize yourself with the school and how this procedure would work in the case of an actual emergency.

Fire drills are conducted once per month in each class to familiarize the children with the procedure. If you are the helping parent during a fire drill, please keep the drill as quiet as possible and move with confidence and speed.

In the event of a fire, raise an alarm and evacuate the children through the nearest door, taking the class list (which is attached to the back of the Fire Drill Procedure posted beside both the back and front doors). Go to the predetermined meeting place on the grassy area at the far side of the Harmony Hall Parking lot.

Take attendance immediately after the group is together and return to the building only if attendance fails.

 HELPING PARENT: Will be responsible for taking attendance and staying with the children.

TEACHER’S ASSISTANT: Will be responsible for calling the fire department (911) regardless of how attendance comes out.

SUPERVISOR/TEACHER: Is responsible for a final quick check of the building and closing the doors.

Keep in mind how fast a fire can spread and that children can become easily scared and