For the past 50 years, the Jack and Jill Preschool has offered a 2 hour or 2.5 hour class format.

Over the years, families have expressed their interest in a longer class format. During this Covid Pandemic, we felt it was the perfect time to, re-align with our community, and make this leap to a longer class format for the 2021/22 School year and beyond.

To discover the changes for the 2021/22 School Yearfollow this link

Now more than ever, the BC Government supports families. They show this by offering all families in BC who make under $110,000 a year, the Affordable Child Care Benefit. Click the link the Funding Calculator below to find out how much you could receive.

Funding Calculator

All our School Polices can be found in the Policies Binder at our School:

Below are the Updated Health & Wellness and Cleaning Policies due to the Covid-19 Pandemic:

Health & Wellness Policy

Cleaning Policy

Mask Wearing Policy