Please review Jack and Jill’s Emergency Preparedness Plan. A copy is available in the Parent’s Education Library. We also have information in the library about home emergency preparedness. You can also obtain excellent information from the Sunshine Coast Regional District. Their office is located at 1975 Field Rd., Sechelt, V0N 3A1, and the contact number for the Emergency Program is 604 885 6887.

The most important thing to remember during any kind of incident is to stay calm and reassure the children. Keep the children safe and calm and take direction from the supervisor. The chain of command is as follows. The teacher is in charge during an emergency. If the teacher is not able to give direction, the assistant teacher will assume control. If neither the teacher nor the assistant teacher is available, the duty parent will be in charge. Follow the Emergency Preparedness Plan.

An emergency kit, containing tools, food, and medical supplies is stored at the back of the school in the shed. The kit is in a large yellow Rubbermaid tub. The kit contains all the items recommended by emergency planning authorities for a school our size. If your child has an ongoing health condition requiring medication, it is your responsibility to purchase this medication (enough for at least 72 hours), to fill out and sign an authorization form (available from the Enrolment Officer), and put the form and medication into the emergency kit. You are also responsible for keeping the medicine current if it has an expiry date.

As soon as possible after the disaster, you will be expected to pick up your child at the Preschool, or if the situation is untenable, at the nearest emergency evacuation centre, the location of which will be announced on CKAY 91.7 FM. In the event that you cannot make it to the school, we will expect one of four alternate adults to pick up your child.