Daily Health Checks

Updated August 2021

   This policy outlines practice and procedures to ensure the health and safety of all of the students, parents and teachers of Jack and Jill Preschool. 

This policy sets forth the need for and description of a daily health care check upon the arrival of each child at the school and whenever a change in health status occurs while at the school.

By following the policy of doing a daily health care check on each child, the parents/guardians of the children in our care can be assured of quality child care.


The daily health check is the way the child care provider can check a child’s well-being or a change in the child’s health status when entering the school and while at the school. 

The daily health check requires the drop off care giver to scan their Class JOVIAL Q-code. Upon completion of the daily health check questionnaire, it is determined whether or not the child enters the school grounds for their class. 

The daily health check Q-Code scan is also to be performed by the parent/guardian at time of pick up at the end of a class.

The exclusion of an ill child from care is determined by:

 – The child exhibits symptoms on the Health Check List before a child is checked-in.

-The child exhibits symptoms on the Health Check List while in school care.

The daily health check will be documented each day that the child is in school. If needed, due to a change in the health status of the child, the trained staff will perform additional health checks that will be recorded on the school Daily Log Book.

 As a courtesy and to maintain communication, parent/guardians will be informed, if any newly recognized signs or symptoms. This action will enable the parent/guardian to take any health measures that they deem appropriate.