Constitution & Bylaws




  The name of the group shall be the Jack and Jill Parent Participation Preschool Society, hereafter referred to as “the School”.


The purpose of the school shall be:

1. to provide a program designed to help each child achieve the fullest emotional, psychological, social, and physical growth for him at that particular stage in his / her development.

These will be accomplished by:

a. guided play directed by a licensed preschool supervisor(s). b. provision of adequate equipment and supplies.

2. to provide a program of education for parents, legal guardians or care givers to increase their understanding of the development and learning processes of young children.


The purpose of the School shall be carried out without purpose of gain for the members and any profits or other accretions to the School shall be used for promoting our purpose. This is an unalterable provision.


Amendments to this constitution require one month notice prior to any General Meeting at which two-thirds of the members must be present.


UPDATES & REVISIONS to be made Summer 2021

Bylaws of

Jack and Jill Parent 

Participation Preschool Society


Article I: License

The school shall apply for and maintain a licence under the Community Care Facilities Licensing of the Ministry of Health, Government of British Columbia.

Article  II: Affiliation

The School shall maintain an out-of-town membership with the Council of Parent Participation Preschools of British Columbia.

Article III: Membership

1. Active – all families who have children enrolled in the School shall:

  • pay the prescribed fees as per By-law Article XIV
  • have full voting privileges
  • with fulfill duties as per By-law Article XV

2. Associate – all interested persons shall:

  • pay the council fee by December 31 of the current school year
  • not vote at General Meetings
  • hold at least one position on the Job List or Executive (but not hold the positions of President, Treasurer, or Class Representative)
  • if an associate member fails to meet these requirements they will cease to be a member in good standing and at such time their associate membership will be reviewed by the Executive

Article IV: Executive Committee

  1. Shall be responsible to the general membership for:
  •  conducting all meetings necessary to operate the School
  • the management of funds in accordance with the Constitution and By-laws
  • running the School in accordance with the Constitution and By-laws
  • submitting over budget expenditures and /or expenditures not in the budget to the membership fo approval
  • dispersing the funds by cheque. The President, Vice-President, Enrollment Officer, Treasurer and Secretary, and any two of these to be the signing officers
  • hiring licensed Supervisor(s) and Teacher Aide(s)
  • assessing salaries and fees annually
  • the executive committee being comprised of:

a. Elected Members – voting

  • President • Class Representatives
  • Vice-President • Parent Education Officer
  • Treasurer • Enrolment Officer
  • Assistant Treasurer • Enrolment Assistant
  • Secretary • Ways and Means Officer
  • Parent Education Assistant

b. Elected Members – non voting

Personnel Officer

c. Advisory Members – non-elected – non voting

  • Past President
  • Supervisor(s) – Supervisors will have FULL voting privileges at General Meertings and will serve in an advisory capacity at Executive meetings

2. Members of the Executive Committee shall cease to be in good standing when they fail to meet membership responsibilities as per Article XV.

3. The following positions may not be filled in a year: Assistant Treasurer, Parent Education Assistant, Enrollment Assistant and Ways and Mean Officer. It is at the discretion of the current Executive to fill the positions if the need arises.

4. In the years any of the above positions are unfilled, the Vice President will take on the responsibilities of the Ways and Means Officer, the Treasurer will take on the responsibilties of the Assistant Treasurer, the Parent Education Officer will take on the responsibilities of the Assistant Parent Education Asssistant, and the Enrolment Officer will take on the responsibilities of the Enrolment Assistant.

Article V: Removal of Members fo the Executive Committee


  • – written grievances from membership
  • – when they cease to be members in good standing


Under the above conditions the remaining Executive members will meet to review eligibility of the membership and removal of the member from the Executive Committee.

Ariticle VI: Employees

Licensed personnel will be employed in accordance with the School’s licensing requirements. Salary and terms of employment will be as per annual contract.

Article VII: Dissolution

Upon dissolution any remaining assets shall be transferred to the Council of Parent Participation Preschools in British Columbia consistent with Section 73 of the British Columbia Society Act. Dissolution of the School requires one month notice of motion and 51% majority at any General Meeting.

Article VIII: Parliamentary Authority

The current edition of Roberts Rule of Order will be the reference except where there is a discrepancy with the Constitution and By-laws; The School’s Constitution and By-laws will prevail.

Article IX: Meetings

1. General (regular) – There shall be, whenever possible a monthly meeting while the school is in operation, to conduct the School’s business and education program. The last General Meeting before the summer closure shall be for the purpose of elections, receiving annual committee reports and voting on the next school year’s budget.

2. Executive – Executive meetings shall be held prior to General Meetings wand whenever necessary for the proper conduction of the school’s business. They shall be called by the President or on the written request of three Executive members.

3. Planning – A regular General Meeting in the Spring shall present any changes in fees, contracts, Constitution and Bylaws and other policies for the fall term.

4. Annual – The Annual General Meeting shall be the first General Meeting held after the summer closure.

5. Executive Turnover – Shall be held after the election of officers but before the summer closure.

6. Special – Special Meetings shall be called by the Executive or on the written request of 10% of the voting members, Fourteen days’ notice shall be given.

Article X: Quorum

1. Executive: 50% of voting members shall be a quorum

2. General (annual): Two-thirds of the voting members shall be a quorum

3. General (monthly): 50% of the voting members shall be a quorum

NOTE: A quorum shall never be less than three persons.

Article XI: Nominations, Elections and Resignations

1. Nominations – Class Representatives and the Personnel Officer will prepare and post a slate of nominee.  This shall be done 30 days prior to the last General Meeting before the summer closure.

  • further nominations will be received from the floor at the last General Meeting before the summer closure
  • nominee not present must have indicated willingness to stand
  •  if there is only one nominee, that person shall be declared elected

2. Elections – Shall take place at the last General Meeting before the summer closure, with an additional election at the last regular meeting of the calendar year of a new Enrolment Assistnatn (a new Enrollment Assistant is elected very six months, at which time the current Enrolment Officer retires, and the current Enrolment Assent assumes the position fo the Enrolment Officer)

3. Resignations – Where vacanties occur in the Executive, replacements will be appointed by the President until it can be ratified by the membership after discussion with the Executive.

Article XII: Executive Officers

1. President

  • shall preside at all meetings
  • is responsible for the overall operations of the school (in consultation with the Supervisor(s)
  • casts the decisive vote in the case of a tie
  • ex office member of all committees
  • serves as a delegate to the Council of Parent Participation Preschools in British Columbia

2. Vice President

  • shall preside at all meetings in the absence of the President
  • assists the President when required
  • ex officio member of committees required by the President
  • shall coordinate and supervise Job List and fulfilment of those duties by members
  • shall supervise monthly cleanup schedules, and coordinate summer cleanup and preparation of preschool for fall start up

3. Treasurer

  • receives and distrubutes School mail
  • manages funds as directed by the membership
  • keeps an accurate account of all funds
  • prepares records for the annual audit
  • shall keep a small amount of petty cash, not more then $50.00
  • presents financial reports to each General and Executive Meeting

4. Assistnat Treasurer

  • assists Treasurer as required

5. Secretary

  • keeps a file of the school’s documents
  • keeps an accurate record of meetings
  • posts the minutes of the Executive, General and Annual Meetings
  • files Annual Report and maintains appropriate records pursuant to the Society Act

6. Personnel Officer

  • keeps accuarate attendance records and reports to the Executive
  • serves as a liasion between the parents and the Executive and as a liaison between the teachers and Executive
  • assists in the other duties requested by the President

7. Class Representatives

  • prepare duty schedules for class their child is enrolled in
  • act as resource person for class parents
  • any other duties as requested by President
  • take accurate attendance records of General Meetings and turns over to 

Personnel Officer

  • prepare election nominee list

8. Parent Education Officer

  • consults the Executive on content of Parent Education material
  • be responsible for a year round program of Parent Education including Workshop and General Meetings
  • book facilities for meetings
  • responsible for completion of reports to the Council of Parent Participation Preschools in British Columbia, as required
  • responsible for the selection of alternate Parent Education assignment materials 

9. Enrolment Officer

  • recruit new members
  • organize orientation of new members and delegate to assistant
  • supervise completion of application and other necessary forms
  • responsible for planning a registration open house
  • creates and maintains class lists for emergency purposes, and for teachers, parents, and others as necessary

10. Enrolment Assisant

  • responsible for taking families through the required orientation
  • assists Enrolment Officer as required
  • assumes position as Enrolment Officer after six months

11. Ways and Means Officer

  • shall act as fund raising coordinator
  • assists Vice President as required

12. Parent Education Assistant

  • responsible for the organization and distribution of Parent Education material when necessary
  • advises Class Representatives on status of individual members’ duty parent qualifications
  • reports to Executive Committee on status of meeting attendance and completion of assignments

Article XIII: Enrolments and Withdrawls

1. Eligibilty –  a child must be 36 months of age by December 31st of the current school year to enter school. At 48 months of age by December 31st of the current school year the child will be considered a 4 year old for class purposes. Children will be accepted for membership on the following basis:

A) children of present members

B) children of associate members

C) all other children

Children will be accepted for membership and waiting lists on a first come basis. Special needs children will be considered individually. Parents of these children must fulfil all the requirements for membership just as other members do.

2. Withdrawls – the first month of a child’s enrollment is considered a trial period. The Executive, on the advice of the Supervisor(s), reserves the right to request the withdrawal of a child (at any time) who is unable to adjust to the program.

– withdraws require one calendar month written notice to the Enrollment Officer, or forfeit one month’s fees in lieu of notice (family emergencies may be considered expectations at the discretion of the Executive)

3. Membership Ceases:

  • at the time of withdrawal
  • when the member fails to meet membership requirements as per Article XV they will cease to be members in good standing and at such time their membership will be reviewed by the Executive.

Article XIV: Fees and Assessments

Registration and monthly tuition fees will be set annually.

1. Registration Fee – Registration fees are due at the time of registration. Registration fees are not refundable.

2. Monthly Tuition Fees – The fee will be a full month, regardless of the number of days attended.

  • fees are due in advance, on the fifteenth of the month
  • the last months’ fees are due in advance of the Members’ first General Meeting
  • fees overdue will be considered delinquent; the parent will be notified(in writing) when fees are two months in arrears and membership will be reviewed by the Executive

Article XV: Membership Responsibilities

  • read the Parents’ Manual
  • fulfill all requirements for membership as prescribed by the licensing body (e.g. – TB testing)
  • vote on matters of policy and dispersal of funds
  • attend General Meetings to participate in discussions, decision making and education offerings of the school
  • require to notify Class Representatives if unable to attend a meeting (if more then two meetings are missed during the year the Executive reserves the right o review eligibility for membership)
  • serve as assistants to the Supervisor(s) on the dates request by your Class Representatives
  • responsible to review alternate parent education material obtained from the Parent Education Officer when any meetings are missed
  • be aware of the policies of the School and sign and abide by the Parent’s Agreement
  • volunteer whenever possible to assist in running of the School in addition to holding a position of the Job List
  • every member is required to hold at least one position once Job List or Executive
  • participate  a minimum of once in the monthly class cleanup of the School

Article XVI: Supervisor Responsibilities

The Supervisor as a member in good standing with the Parent Participation Preschool Teacher’s Association of British Columbia shall:

  • give assistance in the planning and production of workshops, monthly parent education programs and act in an advisory capacity with all committees concerned with the School Program
  • keep records, reports, phone and shop for the School
  • attend the School’s General Meetings and Executive Meetings
  • conduct Parent/Supervisor conferences
  • attend the monthly workshops of the Parent Participation Preschool Teacher’s Association of British Columbia
  • work within the Statement of Standards, the policies and the Common Practices Report as accepted by the Parent Participation Preschools of British Columbia

Article XVII: Teachers’ Aid Responsibilities

The Teachers Aide shall assist the Supervisor as required.

Article XIX: Borrowing Power

The School will not exercise borrowing power.

Article XX: Amendments

Amendments to the By-laws require one month notice of motion prior to any General Meeting at which two-thirds of the membership must be present.

Article XXI: Indemnification Clause

Indemnification and Protection of Directors, Officers and Agents:

1. Except as otherwise provided I the Society Act, every person heretofore, now, or hereafter serving as a Director, Officer or Agent of the School shall, to the full extent permitted by law, be indemnified and held harmless by the School from and agains any and all loss, costs, liability and expense that my be imposed upon or incurred by him/her in connection with or resulting form any claim, action, suit or proceeding, civil, criminal or administrative, in which he/she may become involved as a party or otherwise by reason of his/her being or having been, or of actions taken as, a Director, Officer or Agent of the School. As used herein, the term “loss, cost, liability and expense” shall include, to the full extent permitted by law, all expenses incurred in the defence of such claim, action suit or proceeding and the amounts of judgements, fines, or penalties levied or rendered agains any such person provided, however, that no such person shall be entitled to indemnity hereunder if the Directors determine in good faith that such person was not acting in good faith. Payments authorized hereunder shall include to the full extent permitted by law, amounts paid in settling any such claim action, or suit or other proceedings, whether actually commenced or threatened. Expenses incurred with respect to any such claim, action, suit or proceeding may, to the full extent permitted by law, be advanced by the School prior to the final disposition thereof upon receipt of any undertaking satisfactory in form and amount to the Directors by or on behalf of the recipient to repay such amount unless it is ultimately determined that he/she is entitled to indemnification hereunder. The foregoing right of indemnification shall not be deemed exclusive of any other rights to which any person may be otherwise entitled by contract of as a matter of law. 

2. The school shall apply to the Court for any approval of the court which may be required to make the indemnity herein effective and enforceable. Each Director and Officer of the school on being elected or appointed shall be deemed to have contracted with the School on the terms of the foregoing indemnity.

3. The failure of a Director or Officer of the School to comply with the provisions of the Society Act or of the Constitution or these By-laws shall not invalidate any indemnity to which he/she is entitled under this By-law Article XXI.

4. The school may participate in an insurance program provided for it as a member of the Parent Participation Preschools of British Columbia, which program includes insurance fo the benefit of any. Person who is or was serving as a Director, Officer or Agent of the School, and his/her heirs or personal representatives, again any liability incurred by him/her in having been or acted in any such capacity.

Article XXII: Duty Parent

Mother and Nursing Infant

To ensure safety of all children, the School shall maintain the required early childhood staffing based on the staff to child ratios as outlined in Part 5 (Preschool) of the Child Care Licensing Regulation (an early childhood educator and assistant or duty parent), and adhere to the guidelines agreed to March 30, 1999 by Grethe Thorburn, BSW, Chief Licensing Officer regarding observing mother and nursing infants as follows:

1. When a parent is assigned a Duty Day (approximatly 4-8 times per year), a breast-feeding parnet will have the choice to find an alternate Jack and Jill parent to be responsible for het Duty Day. The breastfeeding mother will be supported in attending the Duty day with her breastfed infant for continued on-demand breastfeeding. The alternate parent, though, will be the responsible Duty Parent.

2. The breastfed infant will b within the age of birth to 9 months.

3. The preschool program for 30months to 5 years olds will not be disrupted by the attendance of an “observing” parent and infant, but will be enhanced by the continued participation of this family.

4. The preschool child enrolled will benefit from the attendance of their mother and new sibling to help in the transition of becoming a larger family. The breastfed infant will benefit from not having to be separated from the mother to continue to breastfeed on-demand.

5. The maximum capacity allowed by our license, including the breastfeeding infant, will not be exceeded to ensure the validity of the liability insurance and compliance with licensing.