Confidentiality Policy

Revised June 2020

Confidentiality at Jack and Jill Parent Participation Preschool refers to all verbal and written information about potential, re-enrolling an former:

-children and families


It also refers to information related to “in camera” executive meetings discussions and decisions.

All staff and executive members will be expected to fulfill their obligations to respect protection of privacy.  Each individual will ensure that no private or personal information is revealed that may cause another individual harm.

This excludes the responsibility that service providers and others have as outlined in legislation and /or when information is subpoenaed by the court.

Custody and control of the children’ records will belong solely to Jack and Jill Preschool unless contractual arrangements and/or legislation alter this policy.

No information will be released about a child and the enrolling parent/guardian without first receiving written permission of the enrolling parent/guardian.

This excludes the responsibility service providers have as outlined legislation.

Personal Information:

If there is a request for information about an employee, written or verbal permission will be sought.  If verbal permission is sought, documentation will be kept noting the date, time and information to be disclosed.  This excludes the responsibility individuals and organizations may have as outlined in legislation (eg: Income Tax Act)