Changes at our School regarding Covid-19

Covid -19 has brought some changes to the Preschool. While Covid-19 is still a novel virus, Adults and children who understand the use of a mask, can wear their mask at the school, maintaining Social Distancing Etiquette.

Other changes are:

– Drop off and pick routine, will be one family in the cubby area at a time, Hands must be washed upon entering the building, as we start and end our day with outside time.

-Covid-19 Protocols form must be understood and signed

-One parent helper a day

-All non-cleanable toys have been removed

-Enhanced surface cleaning over the day

What stays the same:

  • Class size
  • Learning layout/class format
  • Good times with friends
  • Regular hand washing

See our revised Cleaning and Health and Wellness Policies:

Health and Wellness

Cleaning Policy