About our school

Jack and Jill Preschool has been a staple of the Sunshine Coast community for over 50 years. Generations of Sunshine Coast residents take pride in being alumni of Jack and Jill, a chapter of life that brings early childhood education, and parent education together, forming life long friendships, year after year.

Our preschool is an Early Childhood Education Centre that offer 2 age based classes.

• A 3 year old Class held on Monday and Wednesday from 9:15am-12:15pm

• A 4 year old Class held on Tuesday and Thursday 9:15am – 1:15pm

. At Jack and Jill, each class type follows a routine suitable for that age group. Each day, different activities are set out to challenge a child to build their age appropriate skills and to achieve milestones in areas of: physical growth, cognitive development, emotional and social development, language development, sensory and motor development. NEW for 2021, classes are now longer, there for outdoor learning and exploration will take a larger role in our daily class, enabling our students to learn more about our environment and their place in it.

Our preschool is run as a Non-Profit Society, who follow our own Constitution and Bylaws and the BC Societies Act. When families enrolled their child in our school, the become a member. Members cease to be members at the end of each school year, unless their child is already enrolled in the next school year. Members are required to “vote in” Executives, Budgets and make group decisions on major capital expenses or changes to the school. Executives fulfill the legal requirements of the Society.

We are a Parent Participation/Involvement Preschool, which means each family/parent is involved in the school in some way, by being on our Executive or taking a job on the Schools job list (such as laundry, indoor or outdoor maintenance, weeding, lawn mowing, composting, fundraising) which helps our teachers operate our school. Parents are also encouraged to engage with our Teachers on learning what Developmental Milestones their child is achieving, behaviour questions or frustrations, thru daily conversation and thru our parent education opportunities.

And finally, we see teachers and membership, as our own community of families, where when we get together, we can share ideas, stories, achievements or be a sounding board, for each other. This connection is vital to the formation of healthy, family friendships and can be a life line for many.