2020-22 Covid Safety/Communicable Disease Plan

Our Covid Safety Plan aka Communicable Disease Prevention Plan is as follows:

  1. Cleaning and Sanitizing:
    As with last year, we will continue with the same daily cleaning guidelines, where the focus is on the cleaning and sanitations of all hard and touch surfaces, at least once every 24 hours. (Which means the entire class room and activity station toys are cleaned and sanitized after every class, every day). During Class, touch surfaces are regularly wiped down.
    (See our Cleaning and Sanitizing Policy)
  2. Health and Wellness:
    Our Health and Wellness Policy remains the same, and inline with the current VCH guidelines of the morning checklist requirements and when to stay home, when experiencing cold like symptoms. This year, the JOVIAL Q-code sign in, will ask you to complete the Health Status Checklist, to be able to check your child into preschool. Like last year, we ask to please be mindful if you discover you have been in contact with someone that has or may suspect they have Covid-19 and chose to refrain from coming to school to ensure you will not transmit the virus to your class. As you are aware children under 12 and unvaccinated adults in our community will be vaunerable. If a family member is confirmed to have Covid, please follow the VCH guidelines for self-isolation, and let our school know, so we can prepare our files for VCH who will then determine who has had exposure.
    (See our Health and Wellness Policy)
  3. Hand washing Ettiquette:
    Our Hand washing Protocols will remain the same, as it is a regular part of class instruction and ettiquitte. Hand washing is required at our school, when entering into our building after playing outside, after toileting, and before and after eating. We prefer hand washing with soap over liquid hand sanitizer.

4.Mask Wearing:
Adults and children over 12 who are unvaccinated are recommended to wear a mask, when in an indoor setting.
Children under 12 may wear a mask if they choose. Masks are not recommended for children under the age of 2.
(See our Mask Wearing Policy.)

From the guidance from BCCDC regarding child care staff interacting with our students:
“Child care staff and other adults may choose to wear a mask indoors when engaging in prolonged, close interaction with children. Careful consideration should be given to the potential impact of mask wearing on visual cueing and non-verbal communication with children, as these interactions play an important role in learning and development.”

5.Social Distancing:
With Social Distancing, we have created our new Open Door Classroom concept.
Our Open Door Classroom concept enables children to have access to indoor and outdoor activity centres/stations when on school grounds thru out the Class timeframe, a teacher will be in each area to guide and supervise. For the 4’s class daily walks will be part of the program to engage with our natural environment.

Please continue to be mindful of Social Distance Etiquette while on School Property.

Any of these Policies will be updated as needed thru out the year, when directed by the BCCDC, VCH and Provincial Public Health Orders.

Other areas of awareness:

Our school is an inclusion school, which means, it is open to all races, abilities, types of family structures, religions, lifestyle choices and immunization choices. We respect each individual and families choice in these matters.

Immunization and Health records for students and employees are required by the school, to satisfy Licensing requirements. This information is held private and is not shared by anyone other then VCH.

VCH recommends our teachers have their vaccinations up to date.

Please be aware immunization in Canada is a choice. Many people have different opinions and situations on why or why they do not choose to be immunized. It is a violation of the Canadian Human rights charter to force or require someone to be immunized. Buisnesses create policy and procedures to accommodate all employee and client/customer scenarios which adhere to the WorkSafe BC and Human Rights Charter.

Our School has a confidentially policy, that states: Information regarding students, parents, and employees is confidential and their privacy is respected. No information regarding and employee, child or parent will be released without written permission.
(See our Confidentiality Policy)

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