2021/22 Parent Job List

Executive Committee:

Director: President:

Director:Vice President/Marketing: Nicole Wenn

Director:Treasurer: Karla Donovan

Director:Secretary: Alexandra Scott

Director:Fundraising Chair:

Director:Personnel Chair: Micheal Grant


Outside Building maintenance: Till family

Inside Building maintenance: Welsh Family

Play area weeding(Sandbox and bark mulch): Shevchencho family

Play ground weeding(2 parents/families): Rothe Family, Thomas Family

Lawn maintenance:

Fenceline weeding:

Dump run(must have a truck): Swaffield family

Window Cleaner:

Gutter Cleaning:


Compost (2 parents/families):(Sept-Dec)Armstrong family(Jan-June):

Laundry (2 parents/families): (Sept-Dec)-Renshaw Family (Jan-June):Scales Family

Recycling (2 parents/families):(Sept-Dec)-Atchison Family and Flett Family (Jan-June)

Bi annual Class room clean:

November 26th, 2021(Friday)(2 families):Hired out

March 11, 2022 (Friday)(2 families):Hired out


Scholastic Book orders: Wingfeild family

SuperValue receipt counting:

October Blue Marble City Pickup(From Caufield Mall, West Van): Nguyen Family(backup)

October Blue Marble Sorter: Clarke Family

November Purdy’s Sorter: Gillespie/Lawson Family

March Purdy’s Sorter(2hours, one evening):

May Blue Marble City Pickup(from Caufield Mall,West Van):

May Blue Marble Sorter:(2 hours, one evening)