School Philosophy

The philosophy of our school and the Council of Parent Participation Preschools is that “play is the basic medium for learning in the early years”. Through meaningful play, children learn to express themselves, to develop a healthy self-concept, to cope […]


When can my child(ren) start preschool? September starts, the child(ren) must be three by December of that year. January starts, are where a child is not comfortable in September, but is ready to be involved by January. How much does […]


Registration OPEN for all 2019/2020 Classes

2019/2020 School Year Update:

Welcome to or welcome back, we are excited to start the 2019/20 preschool year.

• IGA Re-loadable and Supervalue gift cards will be available at the September 17th General Meeting, and there after, at the school thru out the year.