Jack & Jill Preschool

690 Harmony Lane, Gibsons BC, V0N 1V0
(604) 886-9417


School Philosophy

The philosophy of our school and the Council of Parent Participation Preschools is that "play is the basic medium for learning in the early years". Through meaningful play, children learn to express themselves, to develop a healthy self-concept, to cope with feelings and to solve problems. Basic social skills such as listening, communication, taking turns, sharing, negotiating and compromising are learned as children interact and play. Our purpose is to provide a high standard of pIay based education for our children, as well as offering parent education opportunities.

Why should you choose Jack and Jill Preschool?

  • ECE instructors - We employ only highly qualified and enthusiastic Early Childhood Education Instructors. As part of the Council of PPP, our teachers attend monthly professional development seminars to share ideas, to learn and gain new information.
  • A low child to adult ratio - The ratio of adults to children in a PPP is far better than any other educational setting in your child's entire school careeer (3's class: 1:5; 4's class: 1:6).
  • A great facility - Our school is a self contained building which has many interesting play stations inside for the children to explore and there is an outdoor biking and playground area.
  • Very convenient location - We are located right in the heart of lower Gibsons - close to beaches and parks. Lots of available parking.
  • Over 40 years in our community - In 2009, Jack and Jill Preschool celebrated 40 years in operation. To teach students about their community we arrange local field trips to the library, post office, beach, Dougal park and other interesting places.

Physical Activity Policy

Jack and Jill Preschool recognizes the importance of phyiscal activity for young children. Please click here for full details on our physical activity policy

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